Finance Engineering and Development

For four years Porcupine 411 has been providing activists and ordinary people in New Hampshire a way to stay connected with the liberty movement. Now it’s time to take Porcupine 411 to the next level.

Thanks to suggestions from many of you, I now have a very long to-do list of features to add to Porcupine 411. Unfortunately, what I don’t have is the time to implement them. With the economy as it is, I have to spend most of my time working on other people’s projects which often have absolutely nothing to do with advancing liberty.

Now you can help move Porcupine 411 forward by helping me get the time I need to invest in developing some of these new features:

  • Live video streaming from smartphones such as BlackBerry and Android
  • Optionally sending your GPS location when you call Porcupine 411 from a mobile phone
  • Privacy settings allowing you to replace your phone number with a name or nickname
  • Better social network integration, perhaps a new social network
  • A “Porcupine 911” service with live dispatch and first responder capability
  • And much more…

Become a FED (Finance Engineering and Development) by contributing $3 or more a month and you will help me free up the time I need to begin implementing these and other features. FEDs will gain early access to test these features as implementation proceeds and will gain other perks in the future! You can also be listed as a FED below if you wish or operate in secret.

List me publicly as a FED 

You can also make a one-time contribution any time you wish. All one-time contributors remain anonymous. (Choose your contribution amount on the next page.)

Our current public FED roster is:

Director – $15

  • Brian Travis

Manager – $10

Officer – $5

  • Ryan McGuire
  • Krzysztof J. Muskus

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