Support Liberty by Becoming a FED

Porcupine 411 has been New Hampshire activists’ lifeline for four years and hopefully will continue to be in the future. You can help make this happen by becoming a FED. No, that stands for Finance Engineering and Development.

Times change and technology advances, and I now have a very long list of proposed features that people would like to see added to Porcupine 411. Unfortunately, what I don’t have is time. I have to spend much of my time working on other projects in order to make ends meet in this economy, and that has taken away from the amount of time I can put into improving Porcupine 411.

Now you can help. By contributing $3 or more a month, you will become a FED and gain access to new features before they’re made publicly available, not to mention helping to fund the creation of those features in the first place. To learn more, view a list of proposed features, or set up your contribution today, visit Finance Engineering and Development today.

Michael Hampton posted at 2010-7-21 Category: Miscellaneous