Audio message from “WIRELESS CALLER” (2817618121)

New Hampshire Porcupine 411,

A new audio message has been received at 16034130411:

From: “WIRELESS CALLER” (2817618121)
Length: 42 minutes, 20 seconds
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 08:03:47 PM


Porcupine 411 Backend posted at 2015-5-12 Category: Audio Messages

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  1. #1Porcman @ 2015-5-13 08:00

    Good god, man, pull yourself together. Lay off the uppers. You need to go see a therapist asap.

  2. #2Dane Eric; Gross @ 2015-7-12 11:28

    Good god, man, mind your own effing business. I don’t do uppers. You’re the one who is thinking about drugs obviously. You need to stop giving advice about things you know nothing about. And while you are at it, how about using your real name, or are you too much of a coward to do so?

  3. #3Dane Watch @ 2016-10-29 20:09

    If you leave you’re name Dane Gross will stalk and harass you as well as file fake suits agents you. If you do a google search you will find Kook Dane is currently in jail for violating a stalking/harassment order.

  4. #4Local Justice @ 2016-11-22 17:16

    Dane was convicted in Maine District Court on Monday, 14 November 2016 of violating a restraining order and convicted to time served (approx. 30 days, due to his inability to make bail after being arrested on the charge).

    Aroostook County Sheriffs told Dane to stick around because they would be seeing him soon. Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016, Dane fled to Los Angeles via bus from Houlton to Bangor, another bus from Bangor to Boston, and a flight to L.A.

    His exact whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to be in Van Nuys.

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