Audio message from “Unavailable” (6035688032)

New Hampshire Porcupine 411,

A new audio message has been received at 16034130411:

From: “Unavailable” (6035688032)
Length: 29 seconds
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 03:22:37 AM


Porcupine 411 Backend posted at 2010-6-29 Category: Audio Messages

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  1. #1Jack @ 2012-8-11 23:24

    Garret, Listened to all! WOW,, cant wait to see How Much You MADE$$$$$,and the outcome,,I DID subscribe, with my email,, Thanks,Jack! You sure seems to me know your LAWS!!!!,, Going to School to be a lawyer???I HOPE,,,PS,,My first solo flight,many moonsssssssss ago,was to Keene,Airport!,,,nice Airfield!,,,,

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