Liberty lovers welcome recorded calls

Our New Hampshire line got some very nice coverage in today’s Concord Monitor.

I do think it needs one clarification, though: The service is free both to call in to, and to receive the messages. Only the sponsoring organization pays for the line and service. In the case of the New Hampshire line, two individuals split the cost.

Michael Hampton posted at 2010-1-19 Category: Miscellaneous

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  1. #1HM @ 2010-9-9 11:55

    I signed up for 411 calls on my iPhone, but not receiving the messages.

    “The corrupted part multipart/fixed; boundary=”=_111c0129c75851d8450be7c306cf914f9″ was removed from the message.”

  2. #2Michael Hampton @ 2010-9-9 12:19

    There’s nothing I can do about bugs in the iPhone. You can try reporting it to Apple.

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